How to boost my SEO rankings – Relevance and Dynamic Content for My Homepage


By: Brendan Fitzpatrick


How to boost my SEO rankings – Relevance and Dynamic Content for My Homepage

Just to be clear, the content in this article is a subset of what you should follow in order to help your Search Engine Optimization rankings (SEO). We will publish other topics and perhaps at some point provide more of a ‘Table of Contents’ overview but for those who are specifically interested in SEO Relevance this article is for you.

Search Engines have evolved over the years and are constantly updating their algorithms to keep up with the times. There are currently about 200 variables that factor into how a Search Engine ranks a website but we’re going to focus on Relevance which is one of the most important variables in the equation.

Relevance is an indicator of how two things are alike or not alike. Search Engines succeed if they deliver search results that keep visitors coming back for more searches. To bring more visitors back, Search Engines give higher rankings to those sites with:

Up to date content
Search Engines are smart enough to know when your content has been updated so whether it’s publishing blogs, updating stale content, posting images or adding new content you need to continually keep your content fresh. After all, how relevant can you be if your content is a few years old? We know that staying relevant isn’t easy which is the basis of why we wrote this article. We will jump into some solutions further down.

Content related to the Search Parameters
Yes, Search Engines (SE) are also smart enough to know which sites contents are a best match for a given Search Phrase. Nowadays, SE’s are using more and more Artificial Intelligence (AI) to match Search Phrases to sites with relevant content. Ever type a typo into the search box of a Search Engine and they somehow know what you’re searching for as results appear even before you finish typing? The suggested solutions below will help you move up in Search Engine rankings.

That’s right, SE’s know how popular your site is by counting the number of backlinks to your site. They also know how many Followers and Likes you have on other Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. so as important it is to keep your content up to date on your website, in many cases is just as important if not more important to have a Social Media accounts with regular content (ie. posts) as well.

Let’s cut to the chase, here are 3 ways to keep your website up to date:

1. Update it as you do today – in most cases this is very time consuming, tedious and not preferred which is probably why you’re reading this article. We listed this as an option so people appreciate option 3 below.

2. Pay someone to update it – in many cases this isn’t even possible or it can be very expensive which often times isn’t the preferred choice. Most hosting companies do offer Blogging capabilities which is one of the best ways to ensure fresh content for your site. If you don’t have a blog you should look into it and at least consider it. A blog can be used for any topic and is a great way to expose your site further to the world.

3. For this option we’re going to focus on your Homepage because the statistics say that this is the most indexed page on a site by far, but you don’t have to limit this option to your homepage – you can certainly apply the same concept to any of your pages. The option we’re talking about is an RSS feed. An RSS feed is an easy way to display Titles with links to content – whether its new articles that you post on your blog and you want to put those articles names in a streaming format on your homepage – OR – perhaps you want to put Related Content with links to other sites on your homepage it can all pretty much be automated.

We first recommend that you look into what RSS is and figure out if it applies to your own website. If it does then there are plenty of free RSS scripts out there that can easily be integrated with most sites. If an RSS feed doesn’t apply to your site for some reason then you should consider pulling in an external RSS feed an putting it on your homepage.

Let’s look at an example of how an RSS feed can increase visits and revisits to your site. If for example you had a website about Birthday Gifts, perhaps you didn’t even have much content (text) because you were really only selling products and not information or ideas. What if you placed an RSS feed for ‘Famous Peoples Birthdays today’ on your homepage. This way when a visitor is on your homepage they may glance over the Famous Peoples Birthdays today list and either share it with a friend or perhaps it simply makes them smile. Small experiences like this are sure to increase revisits to your site, in many cases people will link their blog to your site (ie. backlink) simple because you’re offering a cool feature or something that your competitors aren’t offering. Over time those revisits and backlinks will cross the threshold of the SEO algorithms and pay off 10 fold.

There is no formula that will guarantee anyone the first spot on any Search Engines Results Page (SERP) but good practice and implementing tips as mentioned above is sure to improve your rankings. We strongly suggest that if you don’t already have a Google/Webmaster account and if you don’t know the details of your current rankings that you open an Google/Webmaster account so that you can measure the impact of keeping your site up to date.


Creative content sources for individuals and small businesses online.


By: Brendan Fitzpatrick


Do you have your own blog or website, or maybe a small to midsize company struggling to stay relevant on the internet? Let me start by defining relevance as it applies to improving your presence on the internet first and then I’ll share some ways that I’ve found to be successful.

Relevance – what is it? Relevance it THE single most important feature of a web site or blog that you need to keep on top of if you want to increase your presence on the Internet, ie. increase new and recurring visitors coming to your site. In simple terms, relevance is what it takes to catch your visitors eyes such as appealing graphic ads. You should use graphics and catch phrases that pique the interest of the visitors you want to come to your site. You should use phrases as ‘Must have’, or ‘Top 10’ or ‘The best’ so that internet users feel they need to click on to learn more about that subject.

Second, your blog or your web site should be user friendly. You shouldn’t have too many graphics or too much content that overwhelms someone or they will immediately move onto a new URL. Create catchy infographics.

Third, another important piece of Relevance is to keep your content engaging. Hire someone to write articles if you cannot write good quality articles – and do it frequently. Your visitors will only remember your site if they leave feeling that they learned something or found something interesting about what they were originally searching for. It’s important that your SEO be inline with your content or you will have a major disconnect with your visitors and you will most likely reach the point of frustration like many others that don’t have a strategy. Research your competitors and try to offer more than they do.

Here are some resources that I’ve found extremely useful. Since I do everything myself (graphics, html design, layout, programming and more) I was very skeptical about using any service provider but I jumped into these and I wish I had done it sooner. – a great site for free infographics. For a small fee you can use a plethora of graphics in their graphic library. A must try! – a great site for everything professional, from site design, graphic and content providers and more. – I can’t vouch more for this site, I’ve ordered customized videos, graphics and more for $5. I’ve also combined multiple services for scripted videos with voiceovers for as little as $10. If you’re swift enough you can combine services from multiple providers and earn a lot of money! – an amazing new tool for free that will enable you to manage all of your social media centrally. Check out their site and review their features. Be aware though that they are constantly updating this tool, it has limitations but they’re constantly getting better.

Inkscape – for those of you looking to do your own graphics without paying for Adobe Illustrator, photoshop and the like, this is an amazing free graphic solutions which competes (if not outshines) most commercial solutions – if you are you willing to put the time in to learn it. If you’re used to Illustrator or Photoshop but don’t want to purchase an upgrade then Inkscape may be for you..

Social Media is F%$&*n powerful! If you know how to use it!


By: Brendan Fitzpatrick


I’ve been in IT for close to 20 years now and I still hate it when people call me up and ask me to fix their laptop. Quite frankly, it’s embarassing and insulting having to explain to friends and family that even though I ‘do computers’ for a living, I don’t do desktops, laptops or pc’s. You see, my expertise is with Middlware (web servers and application servers) which has everything to do with hosting applications in datacenters, but nothing to do with fixing your damn pc!

Anyway, I’m glad I got that off my chest.. Iv’e always considered myself behind the leading edge technology but way further ahead of anyone not in the computer industry when it comes to technology. Social Media is one area that I’ve always felt that I was years behind, not so much because of the technology but moreso because of the invasiveness of it on my personal life and my unwillingness to comply. Anywho, social media has slowly been growing on me to the point where I’ve realized that ‘I have to be able to use it to my advantage’ .. after all there have been several countries that have revolted and set history!

It has only come to me tonight the power that social media can put in my hands – more importantly in the hands of everyone. So here’s my quick story….

As I’ve been trying to jump into social media more and more I’ve been finding it a bit confusing.. until tonight – I’ve jumped in up to my neck and now that I’ve encountered a real life problem I figured I’d surely put social media to the test to see if I could use it to solve my problem! As of right now I’ve only submitted my complaint but here’s what happened!

I’m trying to expand my social presence, more so to learn about it than actually give a crap in telling my friends what I’m eating at the moment! In doing so I’ve found it impossible to manage more than 1 social network at at time.. I’m not going to post an update or picture showing that I’m in Joes Pizzeria eating Salami 5 times, once for facebook, google+, linkedin, my blog and instagram.. long story made short I came across an app called (#everypost) which appeared to solve all my issues..

If I was naive enough to believe everypost solved all my issues then I would have been happy as a pig in shite but I can never accept anyone’s word or applications ratings even if it has a million likes and top ratings! It ends up as I’ve used the app for some time now that it doesn’t do exactly what I would expect it to do.. to put things in perspective, when I post to everypost it is supposed to post to all my networks.. fair enough, this app does just as it says.. until you look at the details.. in this particular case, when you post a single message to #everypost it works for some social networks but not for others.. (example, works great for Pinterest but doesn’t work for twitter, and vice versa).  Okay you say, that’s why they offer the ability to customize the message per network .. Great! However, no matter what you do – there is no way to set the ‘source link’ for your Pinterest post..the source link is everything! it’s what brings visitors back to my website.

You might think that this is a non-issue – but the reality is that even if you’re a small to medium level user, if you have to login to a social network and to post a global update, the tool is broken if it doesn’t bring the intended results and you’re wasting you’re time..plain and simple..

So, her’s the point of my story – I tried to report this issue as a bug on but there was no such link.. there were only a blog, product info, about us, faq and a few other links… nothing as far as bug tracker or feedback.. after thinking about it for a few minutes a light bulb went off – how can i use social media to get a quick response from

I immediately went to twitter, anxiously telling my wife about the problem I was about to try to solve .. a BIG TEST in my mind.. so I enter a message to @everypost less than 140 characters on twitter describing the issue and asking what they were going to do about it? all good I thought.. I instantaneously realized that the people from everypost would get the message .. but this would be in private.. I immediately deleted it and resent the exact same message to @everypost and then tagged it with #everypost .. therefore the ‘everypost universe’ (#everypost) would see my message and @everypost would reply (showing that they cared) or maybe not reply (showing that they didn’t care)..

My guess is that they will reply at some point because I know this team cares.. there is no way that someone could produce such a quality tool that has basic fundamental issues that make the tool unuseable and the support team unresponsible.. I have nothing but praise for #everypost and tool that they built.. but let’s see where this minor social media example takes us!

I will update the outcome so stay tuned!

SEO Daily Tip : What is Google’s secret formula?


By: Brendan Fitzpatrick


Hi all, there are very few people that know what Google’s secret formula is and we will likely never be lucky enough to find out what it is.. Let’s put it this way,even if a rumor was spread online that happened to be close enough to Google’s formula they would change it the next day because of the nature of it’s competetiveness.

Having over 15 years of experience with building websites, many successful (million+ unique visitors/year) and many unsucessful (0 visitors) we have a good idea of which areas of SEO are more important than others.. If we were to guess the single most important SEO practice over all others it would be ‘relevance’. Before you ask what the heck does that mean – let us explain.

Sorry, but before we explain relevance we need to make this comment.. there is no single SEO practice that will bring alot of traffic to your site. All SEO concepts are extremely important so the question is – are you continuously researching SEO and are you practicing the dozen or so top practices? If you are then we can continue on our theory of what we think is the top SEO practice. Relevance is a term that is used loosely, depending on your niche or area of interest, relevance may mean something different. Ultimately, how does Google measure relevance? we believe it has alot to do with the following:

  • Backlinks – the more quality backlinks you have, the higher google will rank you (beware of ‘bad’ backlinks), what can you do to have bloggers linking to you? contact them directly! Do not submit to directory submission sites.
  • content updates – everything advances with time, if you write an expert article and you don’t update it for 2 years then your relevance will decrease compared to a newer article. Add new content and refresh older articles on a regular basis!
  • keywords and keyword phrases in your content are important, new articles and content updates are key to make on a regular basis!
  • likes – if you have 100 facebook likes (or google, pinterest, instagram, tumblr etc.) but your competitor has 1,000 likes then they will rate higher for that area of interest. Social networking is important! Post quality messages frequently!

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Successful SEO – SEO is a never ending project, not a one time thing!


By: Brendan Fitzpatrick


Hi all.. in this article I will attempt to describe what you need to do nowadays vs. years ago to build traffic to your site. Years ago just about anything you did for your website gained you more traffic. Whether it was adding links to link directories, created tons of content (in some cases ‘invisible’ content!), adding tons of keywords you would jump up in search engine rankings.

Nowadays the search engine crawlers are alot smarter, you have to worry about adding too many keywords (spam), being in the wrong directories (blackhat issues), content not loading for above the fold content (what?) but more importantly relevance and fresh content. The purpose of this article is not to educate or help you with SEO concepts, it will provide you with some basic guidance on the areas that you need to focus on daily to stay competetive, each website will have it’s own unique version of daily activity to boost it to the top in search engine listings!

Here we go, if you do not have a daily plan similar to the one listed below then chances are you will never catch up to your competitors:

Daily routine:

Every day (7 days/week):

1. 2 new website updates (can be anything, the more relevance the better, ie. add new products, add a news article, blog entry etc.)

2. 2 social media posts (1 in afternoon, 1 in evening)

1. competitor analysis (30 mnutes, what keywords/phrases are your top competitors beating you with?)
2. think of something new/unique for site to increase traffic (new social network, new section etc.) – focus on beating our competitors keywords/phrases that they are out performing you with
3. Review google and bing /webmaster, fix issues and follow their recommendations
4. QA site – review trends, html, duplicate titles, META tagging, nofollow & alt tags etc.
5. improve advertising (google adsense etc.)

Tuesday & Thursday
1. 1 article idea, purchase & update site (content .. content .. content .. relevance.. relevance.. relevance…!)
2. research new backlinks.. contact sites to add links to your site

1. video idea, purchase
*could be for a specific product or set of ideas, how-to’s, skits etc.
2. review your advertising ads, replace those that are underperforming
3. come up with new graphic content – for articles, better layout etc.

1. add 3 internal links
-about us page, links page, article updates, homepage rotation of links
2. review social presence and statistics
3. submit new sitemap.xml to search engines
4. review backlinks, remove bad backlinks

The biggest change in SEO in recent years is your social presence, the reason why we recommend at least 2 social posts every day. Even more important is your content relevance which is why we also recommend daily content updates. Every website is different and needs different updates depending on it’s topic, but think of it this way, if you’re making 2 content updates a day and 2 social posts but your competitor is making 4 content updates and 5 social posts a day they will beat you in that area as far as search engine rankings are concerned, so your competitor analysis should help you define the actual number of updates on a regular basis that you should be performing.

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SEO Tip of the day


By: Brendan Fitzpatrick


So you have a website that you are looking to increase traffic to eh? Try reading up on SEO on Google/+ or pay someone $100’s if not $1000’s for something that you have no idea what they are going to deliver. If you know anything about SEO and or HTML then you know you can do certain things on your own. It’s kind of like changing the spark plugs, a flat tire or air filter in a car.. to some people this things are simple, to some they are foreign languages!

Today’s tip revolves around, I was browsing almost all of their services today and ended up contacting 6 or 7 different service provider for different needs. I did notice some services that looked fabricated (ie. not 100% unique and or legit) but the vast majority of services were well worth it. For example, one provider offered 500 word content/articles .. for this price it doesn’t really matter how well written the content is, search engines will index a portion of the content which far outweighs the cost of $5!

Another example is combining 2 services on I looked into hiring a still motion video for $5 and another product for voice over work.. if I can combine both services for a total of $10 it could pay off 100x’s over. First, I firmly believe that a stop motion video with voiceover would and should cost no less than $100 (if not $300 and up) for a standard 25 second skit. Second, the value that it can bring to a web site is another x5 if not x100 in some cases valuing the combined services at a minimum of $500..

You do need to be careful though, if it’s too good to be true then it’s probably too good to be true. There are alot of honest people on but just because you’re honest doens’t meant that Google or other search engines are going to give you a positive ranking. Stay away from the unlimited traffic and 100+ unique visitor offers as they typically practice either unethical or black hat practices which can do more harm than good in the long run for your site!

SEO Today!


By: Brendan Fitzpatrick


Gone are the days of simple content, keywords, description and links to your site! Nowadays search engines are much smarter then they were years ago. If you are trying to get back into or simply trying to master SEO here are the top 3 areas you need to work on.

1. Focus – if you have more than one site or idea, pick one! If you’re in the game to seek success on more than one idea then pick your best idea and pursue it. See the next point!

2. Relevance – what does this mean? After several year of chasing multiple ideas it’s clear that the most successful websites are people who are passionate about their product. You have to live, breath and eat what you’re looking to promote. If you’re focusing on SEO then you may going down the wrong path. As Matt Cutt’s explains – if you’re not creating content on the product or service that you’re offering then you’re going about SEO the wrong way. Google is getting smarter and smarter every day, they are truly seeking out ‘authorities on specific subjects’. In the old days, backlinks, content and internet presence was everything. Today it’s all about quality and expertise on subjects that truly get you ranked higher in the search engines. To do this you need to focus on expert content and your internet following (ie. social existence). A site that has 1000’s of social followers proves to google that your site is trustworthy and has some level of authority and relevance. Without this your site has a lower relevance factor. Produce expert content on your subject matter and search engines will rank you accordingly.

3. Dedication – it takes a long time for search engines to find you and rank your site accordingly, it also takes a long time to produce enough content to make a difference. If you’re website if not your life where you are living, breathing and eating it every day then it will be very difficult to find your site in the top 1% of the search engine ranking, much less the top 100 or top 10 (where you need to be to make a difference) search results.

I know these points are generic, but the bottom line is that it’s becoming much harder if not impossible to spam your way to the top search results. Today the search results are becoming all about expert content created by experts. You really have to have focus, relevance and dedication to see significant results. If you’re paying for backlinks then you might as well give up, google is now penalizing sites for spam backlinks (ie. paid backlinks). If you’re an expert on a given topic then chances are you have a blog, a website, a google+ page, facebook page and perhaps a pinterest, instagram, tumblr account and maybe many more avenues of inbound social networks. If you don’t then you’re playing Major League Baseball with a whiffle ball bat.

Read my article on SEO tips.